Genesis is the beginning – the start of something new, and the commencement of something spectacular. With its biblical reference, Genesis Bridal is the brand name of the bridal line. The meaning of marriage is to start a new life with someone else, and the purpose of a wedding is to help a bride transition into her new life style. The wedding aesthetic that Genesis wants to administer for each bride is a sophisticated and memorable silhouette with intriguing surface designs. Through distinctive manipulations of different fabrics and materials, the wedding gowns will have material textures to portray an original look.  Genesis Bridal has ambitions to create gowns that focus on fit, quality, and individuality. The value and purpose of Genesis Bridal is to give each bride an extraordinary experience with a gown they can call their own.

SHOWING AT: Show B – April 6, 2018 @ 12:30PM
585 Dundas St. E, Toronto


Shu Zhen Chen