KIXBOT is a mother daughter evening wear collection comprised of coordinating outfits. The collection evokes the feeling you get when you were younger – bonding with your mother through dressing up. The collection features colour blocked designs with two-tone organza under individually engineered laser cut pleather. The organza gives the dresses a luminescent look with the laser cut being reminiscent of stain glass in church. As stated before, the outfits are coordinating – meaning that the mother’s dress and the daughter’s dress have similar design details but are each their own character. KIXBOT embodies the close relationship between mother and child – particularly, it plays on the idea of “like mother, like daughter” and how a child looks up to her mother and wants to be “just like mommy”.

SHOWING AT: Show B – April 6, 2018 @ 12:30PM
585 Dundas St. E, Toronto

Naomi Dojo Soeandy