When do we ever really grow up? Even as adults, we still stuck in our head, feeling like lil bbs. My collection explores how childhood symbols, methods of meaning making and tools of creative expression still have the power to shape our world as adults. The sun, moon, cloud, hands and flowers are all reoccurring symbols from my childhood drawings that I have used as the theme for each of my five outfits. The collection is playful and bouncy-bouncy with an attempt to provoke the inner child in all of us without forgetting our experiences as we grow older. I used a variety of different fabrics with different weights, colours and textures to illustrate the playful and nostalgic mood I wanted to convey. I also incorporated different techniques that mimic childhood expression such as latch hooking, friendship bracelets and drawing with Crayola markers while still using my current creative style.

SHOWING AT: Show B – April 6, 2018 @ 12:30PM
585 Dundas St. E, Toronto

Michal Perelmuter