My capstone topic is focused on how punk music effects the self-expression of women. The research question for my capstone is; how does being affiliated with the pun music scene dictate how these women perform gender and express their identity? This project will research the experience of women who identify with this genre of music and how they express this through clothing, body modification and behaviour. Using gender studies as the theoretical framework, I will take my research and focus on three core issues I have identified that punk women face; hegemonic masculinity, pressure from mainstream beauty ideals and authenticity. My creative will take the form of a print zine with an accompanying website and social media to promote a more inclusive space for punk listeners that celebrates their diverse identities and promotes the inclusion of all genders. My zine will be women focused to allow for women musicians, artists and fans to have greater visibility in punk culture. My print zine will feature photography, illustrations, and creative writing that are supplemented by informational pieces on the website to show the unique self expression of women punks through their fashion.

Madeleine Jones