Cloud Forest is a women’s art to wear collection for Fall/Winter 2018 that is inspired by the Cloud Forest conservatory in Singapore. The collection represents the complex nature of the mind in its hazy mixture of ideas and thoughts. As forward-thinkers, designers have a variety of thoughts questioning design decisions, jobs, and finally life itself. Slowly the mind begins to clutter and thoughts become unclear, tangled in a complicated mess for humans to solve. It is enclosed and trapped in an over-grown forest of thoughts. This is interpreted through asymmetrical silhouettes, structural shapes and organic textures present in the collection. The exploration of this idea will be further emphasized through an extensive use of various surface techniques. Overall the collection intends to communicate the tangibility of ones inner thoughts.

SHOWING AT: Show A – April 6, 2018 @ 10:30AM
585 Dundas St. E, Toronto

Jacqueline Au