Times of political unrest quickly turn to fashion and self-presentation as a tool of communicating resistance. During the French Revolution it was the sans-culottes. During the Vietnam War protests it was growing out long hair. Andy today, it is the feminist T-shirt. With the current political turmoil over the treatment of women in our still patriarchal society, women have been expressing their defiance through T-shirts. More than a trend or fashion phenomenon, the popularity of the feminist T-shirts is a symbol of the accelerating movement and long-awaited acceptance of feminism. Heroinne is an original feminist T-shirt brand which celebrates this, with an emphasis on fourth-wave feminist values. The designing of this brand was inspired by the power of women, represented in a bold look which references pop art with a modern twist. An e-magalogue accompanies the T-shirt collection with lovely photographs and thoughtful essays offering insight into the context and significance behind the T-shirt designs and the brand itself. Heroinne. Be your own.

Cindy Jun